Web Design & Development


At Elevate Perception, we provide custom web solutions to meet your small business' online needs.  We work closely with our clients to ensure their vision, message and products are portrayed in a bold, dynamic, versatile, user-friendly layout; helping our clients to elevate their online perception with their consumers and increase their exposure.  We can show you how to use web solutions to expand your network, advertise, run and manage promotions.

  • Detailed
  • Mobile
  • Search Engine
  • Social Media
  • Domain/Hosting
  • Custom Logo

Dynamic Detail

Paying attention to the smallest details can set you apart from your peers. We work closely with our clients to help bring their vision and message to life online. Using Joomla! allows us to refine those details, providing a better experience for our clients and yours.

We directly involve our clients in the design process and maintain close communication throughout each development stage to ensure their unique vision and message is expressed.


Across All Platforms

Today's world demands functionality in all situations, that's why all of our websites are mobile responsive, meaning your website content works on all devices, mobile, tablet and desktop enhancing the user's experience.

Mobile Responsive design means that all the content on your website automatically re-sizes and re-formats based on the screen size of the device. That means a better experience for the user, not having to re-size the screen to read the content.



In order to be found on the web, your site must be Search Engine Optimized. Using keywords and proper procedures, we provide a strong SEO blueprint on all of our projects. This will help increase traffic to your site.

Even more important is using the right tools to ensure potential clients in your market are able to locate you and explore your site for options. We will help you connect and expand your audience and in turn your market share.



Social Media has moved to the forefront in the race to connect with existing and potential clients. Joomla!, our Content Management System of choice, allows us to help you utilize these tools to grow your business.

We will help you connect your existing social media or help you create new ones; from Facebook to Pinterest, Google+ to Twitter, Linkedin to YouTube, you will connect with your clients.



In order to maintain the highest standards, we use Cloudaccess.net for all our domain, hosting and support needs. Our experience with Cloudaccess.net has been nothing short of exceptional and we are proud to partner with them.

If you already have a provider, we will set up your web solutions through them. If you are looking for a change in provider, please consider using CloudAccess.net, our provider of choice for all your domain and hosting needs.



We also provide image/logo creation and maintenance. We can help you create that first logo or simply update your current one. We truly have a passion for helping our clients exceed their needs while using our creative vision and style to bring it to life, let us help you.

Our unique styles will set your product apart from the rest and will develop into your reference point, one that's remembered, one you are proud of.

  • Web Design & Development (Joomla!)
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Social Media Integration
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Logo Design / Edit
  • Hosting / Domain Solutions

We have a passion for helping our clients find, develop and expand their online presence. 
We believe our passion shows through in our final products, to view our portfolio, click here. 

Contact us to see how we can help you Elevate your company's online Perception.